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Orange Ball Event on May 19th

May 7, 2018 11:26 PM

On Saturday, May 19th there will be an Orange Ball event held at Kalama Park.  It will held from 8AM to 6PM.

Contact Barbara Wallace (250-3656) or Tricia Wilstead (801-694-4535) for more information.

This event is a USTA event sponsored by MDTA. This event is meant to help move new players (Net Generation) on a path to playing regular yellow ball tournaments. It is required for all 6-10 year olds to acquire 1000 points at these events before engaging in a yellow ball, 78-foot court event. Players will play with orange, low compression balls on a 60-foot court. They will receive 200 points for participation in this event .

We will be playing 6-game pro sets and have a consolation round, if possible.

The event is listed on the USTA website on TennisLink.  Although a USTA membership is encouraged, players can acquire a USTA number without a membership at this time. This number will be used to register for the event.

We hope to see many young players come and enjoy the experience!
Please call if you have any questions.