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New and Lapsed Player Program renewed for 2018

February 3, 2018 12:33 AM


All USTA Tennis Leagues

The Maui District Tennis Association is offering

FREE USTA membership for one year (value of up to $44)

to new and lapsed players (three years)

when you sign up for any of our Maui leagues this year


To qualify and receive your USTA Membership refund, you must become a new USTA Member, or renew your lapsed membership.  (Only Maui/Hawaii residents are eligible for this offer.)

Then register for a league team.

Once you have registered for a team, and play has begun for that league, submit your name, mailing address, and USTA number to the appropriate league coordinator.

Your refund will then be processed by our District Treasurer and a check will be mailed to you.

Contact the current league coordinator for the league you are interested in playing in, if you have any questions.  Our coordinators contact information is listed below and also under each league on our website, maui.usta.com.

Adult 18 & Over, Adult 40 & Over and Adult 65 & Over
League Coordinator: Jane Sakakihara, phone: 871-9165; email: sakakiharaj@yahoo.com

Mixed 18 & Over and Mixed 40 & Over
League Coordinator: Clarita Balala, phone:  264-0194, email: clbalala@hotmail.com

Adult 55 & Over
League Coordinator:  Joyce Colleen, phone 250-5475, email: joycemauitennis@gmail.com

Ekolu League
League Coordinator: Nani Ehlinger, phone: 565-9366, email: nanilanai@gmail.com