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Player Profile Form
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NTRP Player Profile Sheet
USTA/Hawaii Pacific Section

Identification attire you will be wearing on the court:  (Circle and indicate color)
Shirt________________________   Hat/Visor____________     Shorts/Skirt______________________     Other_____________________________

Name______________________________________________________   Address__________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip_________________________________________  Home Phone_______________   Work Phone__________________
Age (Circle):  18-29       30-39         40-49         50-59         60         Gender:   M     F

Instructions:  Please answer all questions and indicate "NA" for those not applicable.
1.  Have you read, and do you understand, the NTRP playing characteristics?  Yes___________________
2.  What is your NTRP self-rating?  (Circle)     2.0      2.5     3.0      3.5      4.0      4.5     5.0       5.5
3.  What is your most recent NTRP rating?_______  Year______ (Circle) Computer/On Court
     What Section or State_______________________      I have never been rated.______ (Check)
4.  Please name two Computer-Rated Players you are competitive with and their Ratings:
     1)______________________________  Rating_________ 2)___________________________ Rating______
5.  How long have you played tennis?_______________ How many times per week do you practice/play?_________
6.  Do you take Lessons or Work-Out Clinics?  Yes/No        Do you play left or right handed?___________
7.  Do you have an injury that affects your play?  Yes/No      Is it permanent?     Yes/No
     Describe injury____________________________________________________________________________

8.  Have you played USTA League Tennis before?  Yes/No      (Circle)  Adult     Senior      Mixed     Ekolu
     Most Recent Year______  Level_______  Position Played_______________________________________________________
     Win/Loss Record____________________  Highest Level Played________________________________________ Year________
9.  Have you competed in a USTA District or Sectional Championship?  Yes/No      Year_______  Where____________________________

     At what NTRP Level_________ Win/Loss Record___________
10.  Have you competed in a Regional or National Championship?  Yes/No     Year________ Level___________
11.  Have you competed in USTA Sanctioned Tournaments?  Yes/No   Division_____________________________
      What was the highest round you advanced in a Sanctioned Tournament________________________________
12.  Did you acquire a USTA Hawaii Section or out-of-state Ranking?  Yes/No State_____________________ Division_______________________________   Ranking______________ Year________________

13.  Do you compete in the Maui Tennis League (MTL) or other league program?  Yes/No
     League___________________________________ Most Recent Year_______   Level_______ Win/Loss Record_________
14.  Did you compete as a Junior?  Yes/No   When_________     Ranking___________   Age________
15.  High School Team?  Yes/No    Where_________________________ When_________ Position___________
16.  College Team?  Yes/No   Where______________________________ When______ Position______________
      College Division:  (Circle)   NCAAI          NCAAII             NCAAIII           NAIA
17.  Foreign or Satellite experience.  Yes/No   Where__________________________________________________
18.  Other organized sports, other than tennis________________________________________________________
19.  Are you affiliated with a Tennis Teaching Association, teach tennis, or provide team coaching?  Yes/No
      (Circle)  USPTA        USPTR         Other____________  How long?__________ Where____________________

I affirm that the information presented above is correct.  If it is found that I have falsified or deleted any information, it may result in disqualification from USA League Tennis or USTA Sanctioned Tournaments.
Printed Name______________________________  Player's Signature________________________________ Date:________

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