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LET Coaches Letter

Local Excellence Training
January 20, 2004

To: Member Clubs and Coaches
From: LET Coordinating Committee
Subject: Selection Process for LET Participants



Maui District Tennis Association and USTA-Hawaii Pacific Section is embarking on a exciting effort to focus on providing special training for the youth of Maui. We will be providing 4 weekend training sessions during 2004 and we are requesting that you help us in the important task of the selection of deserving participants.

The criteria in which we would like you to base your selections are as follows:

1. Limited to juniors 12 to 14 years old (based on child's age on Dec. 31, 2004)
2. Sportsmanship, skill level, willingness to improve, desire and ability to follow instruction.
3. Active tournament players with Sectional ranking not #9 or lower.
4. Commitment to participate in all 4 sessions (full commitment will be given priority for selection).
5. Payment of participant fees for all 4 sessions. Fees will be non-refundable unless determined to be of valid reason.

Dates of Sessions for 2004:

§ SESSION #1 FEBRUARY 7,8 Site: Kapalua Village & GardensTennis Cts.
§ SESSION #2 MAY 1,2 Site: TBD
§ SESSION #3 JULY 10,11 Site: TBD

***DEADLINE TO SUBMIT LIST OF SELECTIONS: January 25, 2004 (PLEASE PRIORITIZE YOUR SELECTIONS AS #1, #2, #3, etc.) Fax or email your selections to: John Umeno @ 244-0050 after 6:00 pm (call first before you fax so that I can turn on my machine). Email at: umenoj@aloha.net

Coaches: You need not notify your selections! We will notify them based on your prioritized list. Please include address, phone and cell #'s, email w/your selections


Leilani Magee Stan Nagamatsu John Umeno
Head LET Coach LET Committee Junior Development Chair
UpCountry Tennis Maui District Tennis Assn. Maui District Tennis Assn.