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Creating the Perfect Roster

How to fill out The Perfect Roster

For Adult, Mixed, Senior, or Ekolu leagues go to TennisLink at http://national.usta.com.

Under the League Players section, click on Register for a Team.  On the next screen you will need to enter your team number, USTA numbers for any players you are registering and your credit card information.


These can be seen by ANY player. 
1.  To see the roster for any team, enter the Team Number and click Go.
2.  To view Team Standings for an entire division, proceed to the View League and Championship Stats & Standings section.  Click on Leagues Advanced Search.  The proceeding pages will walk you through selecting the year, section and district after which you will be able to select reports by division.


This can only be done by captains.
1. Once you register yourself as the captain, there can be no other. If you are a non-playing captain, you must designate one of your players as "captain" and use his/her USTA number to get into this field.
2. Enter your TEAM number, and your entire roster comes up. Complete information can be seen: USTA numbers, expiration date, address, phone, birth date, matches played.
3. To view OTHER TEAM rosters, select the field and enter their team number. Only names and player numbers can be seen.

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