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2003 MDTA League Champions
Ekolu League Champions
6.0 Division Local Ties
7.0 Division Makena Mixers
8.0 Division Headhunters
9.0 Division Shank-A-Licious
Adult League Champions
2.5 Women Networkers*
3.0 Women Wahine Diehards
3.5 Women Wailea Sun
4.0 Women Wailea Blue Crush
4.5 Women Maui Pupule*
3.0 Men Maui Country Club
3.5 Men Over The Hill Too
4.0 Men Over The Hill Gang
4.5 Men Ball Busters
5.0 Men Maui Five-O*
Senior League Champions
3.0 Women Wild Bunch
3.5 Women Maui Magic
4.0 Women A&P Gals*
3.0 Men Kahului Diehards Tu*
3.5 Men The Old Guys
4.0 Men Over The Hill Gang
Mixed League Champions
6.0 Division Kahului Diehards-Tu
7.0 Division Maui Magic
8.0 Division West Side
9.0 Division Wailea Wolfpack
*Hawaii Pacific Section Champions

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