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2002 MDTA League Champions
Ekolu League Champions
6.0 Division Local Ties
7.0 Division Maui Country Club
8.0 Division Headhunters
9.0 Division Shank-A-Licious
Adult League Champions
3.0 Women Kapalua Krush*
3.5 Women Maui Magic
4.0 Women Wahines of Wailea
4.5 Women Maui Pupule*
3.0 Men Local Ties
3.5 Men Maui Country Club
4.0 Men Over The Hill Gang
4.5 Men Ball Busters
5.0 Men Maui Five-O*
Senior League Champions
3.0 Women Wailea Silvers
3.5 Women WeB50
4.0 Women Wailea A&P Gals
4.5 Women Maui Hot Flashes
3.0 Men Kahului Diehards Plus
3.5 Men Kahului Diehards
4.0 Men Over The Hill Gang
Mixed League Champions
6.0 Division Country Club
7.0 Division Country Club
8.0 Division Dat Team
9.0 Division Maui Style
*Hawaii Pacific Section Champions

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