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Maui Grand Prix Information

2018 Maui Grand Prix
The following tournaments will accummulate points!

BML Hope Lodge Tournament, February 16-19

Wailea Open, May 26-28

Kapalua Open, September 1-3

Royal Lahaina Fall Classic, October 13-14

Top four players in the men's and women's division win prize money at the end of the season.

Here is the point system for the 2018 Grand Prix:

10 points awarded for the champion, 7 points for the runner-up, 5 points for 
losers in the semifinals, 3 points for losers in the quarterfinals, 1 point for losers in the round of 16.

In the case where a draw has more than 16 entrants:
Scoring is the same as above with the following exception:
1 point for losers in the round of 32, 2 points for losers in the round of 16

Players entered in multiple draws shall earn points only from one draw whichever is greater.

Prizes provided by Maui District Tennis Association.

Any ties will result in dividing the prize money equally among the tied players.


**Juniors are welcome to play in all available tournaments but are ineligible for prize money due to amateur status with the USTA and/or NCAA.